FUTURE VOICE is an internationally operating non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany. Democracy, children's and human rights, evolution, the strengthening of intercultural dimensions, the knowledge and skills development of young people and the continuous development of peaceful communication strategies are the guiding principles of our work.

Regardless of age, status, gender, nationality or religious affiliation, we give the Future Generation the opportunity to express and empower their position on social issues.

Art and creative expression are used throughout as a mediator. Through our work we connect the world of art and politics in various ways, nationally and internationally.

The UN-Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are valuable achievements of a progressive democratic global community. The aim of our work is to anchor this complex of topics as well as a global awareness sustainably in people's thinking.

Our work is based on 15 years of experience. Our projects are established as long term series for lasting results.

We are committed to an evolutionary process based on the rule of law of the international community, which encourages people to unite in peace and true grandeur.



FUTURE KIDS Workshop, FOR KIDS - WITH LOVE Artist Dieter Mammel, WHISTLEBLOWER Photo L. Wiedemann



Our History

FUTURE VOICE was founded 2008 by the Artist and Producer Manuela Sharifi, based on a more than seven years experience of developing stories and short films with kids and youngsters from different social and cultural backgrounds, in purpose to amplify their voices and ideas. She cooperated successfully with international schools, organisations and sponsors.

Inspired by the idea that Art provides development and can make a change, 2013 the FUTURE VOICE Project-platform has opened the gates for all creative expressions of the Future Generation - concentrated on the aim to enable and support a peaceful dialogue between the Future Generation and decision-makers in politics, economy and society.



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